About Page.

l’ve added a description to the About page.

Security Protocols.

Added the list of things that are done to safeguard volunteers, and a narrative of the reasoning behind it, to the map page. It appears below the map embedded on that page. Best, D.B.

From zero to Task Force Leonidas in less than 24 hours.

Yes, I know that the movie 300 is pretty wildly inaccurate with regard to the numbers, but I still like the analogy. Thanks to everyone who shared, and everyone who started following the page. I hope this growth trend continues.

FaceBook page up.

Whatever shenanigans was at play last night has been sorted out. The page is up, and I’ll be adding it to the social media bar.

The Map Becomes a list.

A few months back someone suggested I make a list that coincides with the map. Well, that finally happened. Now I’m working on the flyers and business cards my beautiful, genius wife suggested. And I may have another project coming up to put together a support network for spouses, again thanks to my wife’s efforts […]